Huawei Fit hands-on: An {tasteful|graceful} $100 fitness watch with open data access

Huawei makes fantastic, high quality smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. The TalkBand products were an interesting {blend|combo} of activity tracker and Bluetooth headset, but {We were|I actually was|My spouse and i was} not impressed with the quality of those devices. Thankfully, the Huawei Fit matches the quality of Huawei smartphones.

{I have|We have|We've} been wearing the Huawei Fit for more than {per week|weekly|every week} and it is {one of the better|among the finest} activity trackers {We|I actually|My spouse and i} have ever tested with a lightweight, superb design, long battery life, {programmed|computerized} sleep tracking, and {capability|capacity|potential} to sync the data it captures with {numerous|various|different} third party services.

The Huawei Fit is constructed of aluminum with a beveled edge around the round bezel. {It is very|It is quite|It is rather} light weight at just about 35 grams and when I {put it on|use it} {We|I actually|My spouse and i} can hardly tell it is even present in the wrist. The comfortable TPU band {can certainly|may easily} be removed and replaced with other bands too.

The Huawei Fit has a simplistic pattern which has no buttons on it {whatsoever|in any way|by any means}. All interaction is {performed|completed|accomplished} via the {touch screen|touchscreen display|touchscreen technology} and for the most part that works well. There are times when touches don't {seem to be} to register as fast as you would like, but overall the swiping up, down, left, and right works well at getting around the rather {simplified|basic|easy} interface.

{There is certainly|There exists|There may be} an optic heart rate monitor on the back that regularly tracks your resting {center|cardiovascular|cardiovascular system} rate.

GPS and {Wi-fi are|Wireless are} not present so all syncing is {transported|taken} out via Bluetooth. {There is absolutely no|There is not any|You cannot find any} onboard storage for {loading|buffering} music either, but for $100 that is not to be expected.

{Specs|Requirements|Technical specs} of the Huawei {Match|Suit|In shape} include:

Display: 1. {'04|apr} inch 208x208 pixels, {FLAT SCREEN|FLATSCREEN|CRISTAL LÍQUIDO}, mono touchscreen, Gorilla {Cup|A glass|Goblet} 3
RAM: 256MB
{Storage space|Safe-keeping|Storage area}: 16 MB internal {storage space|safe-keeping|storage area}
Wireless technology: Bluetooth 4. 2
Sensors: 6-axis {movement|action} sensor, optical heart rate sensor, capacitive sensor, {background|normal|environmental} light
Other features: 5 ATM water resistant, IP68 rated
Battery: 80 mAh battery with charging {pier|boat dock|ipod dock}, six days rated {electric battery|battery pack|power supply} life
Dimensions: 39. 5 mm diameter by being unfaithful. 9 mm thick and 35 grams
{Presently there is|Right now there is|Generally there is} no advertised wearable {operating-system|os|main system} and you {will not|refuses to|will not likely} be loading up {programs|software} on the Huawei {Match|Suit|In shape}. The user interface on the Huawei Fit includes watch face options, {notices|announcements|warns}, training plan, heart rate, step tracking, and work out tracking.

You swipe {back up|finished|approach} and down to change between these different {settings|methods|ways} and then when you get to where you want them you can tap to dive {much deeper|further|more deeply} into the data on the watch. Swiping right and left shows you more information and {will go|moves|should go} back out to {the key} interface.

Your heart rate is measured on a regular basis, but you can also initiate a manual reading if you desire. Sports (running, walking, cycling, treadmill, and swimming) can be tracked with the Huawei Fit. That is not include {GPS NAVIGATION|GPS UNIT|GPS DEVICE}, but your movement is tracked.

If you are planning {to operate|to perform} {a competition|a contest} in the future, you can use the Huawei Fit to create a training plan that will appear on your {telephone|mobile phone|cellphone} or the watch to help you prepare.

{Rest|Sleeping} monitoring is measured automatically {and|in addition to} my {activities|experience} {appeared|looked|looked like} to be the most accurate measurement used by the Huawei Fit.

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